Hidden Identity - Chicago Blackout for Windows 10


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Hidden Identity - Chicago Blackout is a game in which the player will have to demonstrate perceptiveness. The task is to catch the items that are listed at the bottom of the screen. To do that we need to do is not easy, because the area porozmieszczane are dozens of other objects. If you do not see a thing, you can use hints that receives points. By doing a large number of misguided movements mist appears. Apart from the usual things are hidden notes provide information about the main character (he lost his memory). Between stages (some boards) get additional commands, such as: recognize the man or submit a letter. Position offers three game modes, two of which must be unlocked. Trial hour allows you to play.  Minimum Requirements:  Processor: 1.2 GHz RAM: 512 MB  Graphics card: not available  Free hard disk space: not available  Sound Card: no data